Reid Jamieson

Hi Reid. Caught you and the missus for the first time, at the Wharf last night. Aside from the obvious talent and versatility, harmonies with the Colonel are exquisite -- very reminiscent of early Everly Brothers [Yeh, I know, I am that old.] Haven't heard whistling like that since Bing Crosby. Why aren't you guys working regularly in Vancouver instead of doing so much roading? Is this by choice? If you must travel to perform, have you considered cruise ships? AD

Reid Jamieson responded on 08/26/2015

Well thank you kindly! we enjoyed ourselves very much, what a great audience. Vancouver doesn't have as many performance opportunities as one might think. We like to go on what we call 'tourcations' playing shows in places we wanted to visit anyway, that way it's not such a big deal if the $$ aren't there. That said, we will have a big Vancouver cd release show in November, and hope that you can attend: . Haven't done any cruise ships yet but always though Cayamo would be fun (recently entered one of their contests but didnt get chosen). Thanks for the note, looking fwd to our next opportunity to sing our hearts out for you!

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