Reid Jamieson

I was just wondering what you and the mrs. had planned for xmas and new years?

And...what do you have up your sleeves for the new year?

"A/ THe" fan.

Reid Jamieson responded on 01/20/2012

Hey there, a little late responing to this one, sorry! Allow me to wish you a very very happy and healthy new year. We dont celebrate xmas actually, and sadly we were in bed before midnight on new years eve thanks to having evil colds :( . That said Vday 2012 will be our 10th anniversary together (celebrating with a benefit show at the Railway in Vancouver!) and that makes us very happy. Also super stoked about first show in the US on Feb 24 in Seattle. Would like to play the pacific Northwest on a regular basis. So many new songs in the kitchen being cooked up right now, just got a new electric archtop, home studio humming away....very excited to feed your ears later this year so please stay tuned. Thank you for giving a poop!

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